Financial Hosting Solutions Sweden AB: Gekko Global Markets Ltd. expands hosting agreement

Gekko Global Markets Limited (”Gekko”) ( has decided to expand its hosting agreement with Financial Hosting Solutions Sweden (”FHS”) ( Gekko has been a client of FHS since the company was founded and now has the need to expand its farm of servers.


”Gekko has very high demands on the server environment because of the real time financial services which it offers. We are very satisfied with the fact that Gekko appreciates the services which we offer
within the high-end segment of financial services and wants to expand the partnership.

FHS focuses on delivering customized solutions for financial companies where FHS has extensive experience.”, says the Chairman of FHS Stefan Willebrand.

Gekko is a portfolio company of Willebrand Invest AB (publ) ( and represents 14 % of the total portfolio value. FHS is a portfolio company of Willebrand Invest and represents 21 % of the total portfolio value and is considered a group company of Willebrand Invest.


Download the press release as PDF.

For more information contact:

Stefan Willebrand, Chairman
Financial Hosting Solutions AB
Phone: +46 (0)8 559 22 376