ayondo receives further funding

When I during 2005 co-founded what today is part of ayondo Holding AG the company was called SYCAP Group and was only based in Sweden. Since then ayondo has developed rapidly into an international company expanding into Asia. 

A short time ago the group was merged where ownership in SYCAP Group (UK) Ltd. was converted into the company Next Generation Finance Invest which at the same time changed name to ayondo Holding AG. During January 2014 the private equity group Luminor Capital invested 5.5 million CHF, equivalent of 42 million SEK, into the company. Yesterday ayondo Holding announced that it receives another 5 million Singapore Dollar, equivalent of 28 million SEK, to continue its expansion into Asia.

ayondo has developed into a leading service within social trading where investors and traders automatically can follow other traders. By using CFD-products instead of the underlying shares or futures an investor can obtain the exact same result as the trader which is being followed no matter the size of the investment. ayondo is currently developing a way to follow other followers if the investor does not want to compose an individual portfolio of traders.

Willebrand Invest continues to support ayondo in its developments and is keen to follow the expansion close up. During the autumn we will work to increase the awareness of ayondo in the Nordic region.

By clicking the following link you can try the service today.

/Stefan Willebrand