Bricknode offers a cloud based platform which functions like an operating system for the financial marketplace.

The Bricknode platform can be used by financial institutions and technology companies who wants to build their own financial services and applications without having to create the core software to manage customers, transactions, instruments etc. Since the platform is connected to many suppliers like Nordic Fund Market, MFEX, Bisnode and many more, the users of Bricknode can easily access and use these services through the platform.

Bricknode offers numerous applications, verticals, like Bricknode Broker for Brokers and portfolio managers / advisors as well as Bricknode Fund Manager for fund companies and investment funds.

LendyTech manages three operational FinTech companies focusing on the credit markets.

Kreditbörsen Sverige AB is a company within peer-to-peer (P2P) lending where it acts as a loan agent which matches lenders and borrowers. The focus of Kreditbörsen is to create better terms for both lenders and borrowers.

Swedish Credit Group

Swedish Credit Group AB (SCG) was founded in 2011 focusing on responsible lending to consumers. SCG is an underwriter with 28,000 borrowers with more than 50 million SEK currently lent out.

Lendysoft owns and develops the core software for lending including peer-to-peer lending and sole underwriting. Lendysoft is going to offer the software globally as a SaaS solution through direct channels and through the Bricknode Marketplace. The company was founded during 2016 to own, develop and sell the software that has been developed.

ayondo is a service provider within spread betting, CFD, currency trading and social trading where investors can follow other traders and have their trades mirrored for their own accounts.

The original trading platform was developed by SYCAP Group in 2005 based in Skövde.

SYCAP Group was founded by Stefan Willebrand during 2005 and obtained 100 % ownership of Gekko Global Markets during 2009. Gekko Global Markets was a securities firm based in London and founded as a joint venture with SYCAP Group as one part during 2007. The group is now called ayondo.
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